Friday, December 26, 2008


Well, the caseworker came out on Tuesday. The home inspection itself went well. Our water is running. Our electricity works. Our phones are functional. We don't have exposed electrical wiring. Etc. However, we've run into a little snag.

It seems that someone who knows the new little guy has decided that THEY would like to adopt him. I guess they know that he already has an adoption in process. If so, they don't seem to be concerned about that. Until the caseworkers are sure we can proceed legally, we are not allowed to visit/meet him.

SO...we could have met him for Christmas and got this party started. But now we have to wait. Needless to say, my heart is aching. I would understand if this person came forward in September - prior to our knowing about being selected and matched with this guy. But now? Two months into it? I don't think so. Although we may not have met him yet, he has been growing in our hearts for the past several months as we have learned more about him through things we have read and things we have seen. We have prepared for his arrival. He has a toothbrush here, Christmas presents are waitng, and his name is on the wall in his bedroom, along with Cameron's. Cameron has been asking more and more about his brother by name, and is anxious to meet him. I told him that he would get to after Christmas. Now I'm not sure how long we'll have to wait.

I still have one week off of school, and I'm optimistic that we may be able to take advantage of that time to go down and meet him. I will continue to pray and wait and love him. I will fight for him, if we need to. I just know that he needs to be out of his current placement as soon as possible, and we are the best chance he has at that happening - as all of our paperwork is done and we're all cleared to go. SIGH.

Now that it's the weekend, I know that we have a couple more days of no more progress. But I also know that the workers are doing their best to be diligent in finding the correct way to handle this situation. I know that they are rooting for us, and I am so appreciative that they've continued to work on this, despite the holidays. Our caseworker will be back to work on Monday, and maybe we'll hear more by then. Hopefully, we'll have more good news to report soon.

I guess this is just our part of labor being painful. I can definitely withstand it, if it means that we'll bring our son home when all is said and done. I was very sad that he could have had a family for Christmas, and now had to go one more Christmas without. But he doesn't know what's going on and that there has been a family identified. So I think that's better. He doesn't have to wonder why we're not there and whether or not we care. I'm crazy about him already, so that's not a question. And I would be there if I could - as much as I could. Soon. Hopefully, it will be soon.

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