Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Green Light!

Can I just say that I really appreciate the diligence of the caseworkers that God has coordinating our family's future? We really seem to be matched with great people that understand not only the system, but also the children and the families that they work with. The caseworker called us Monday and told us that our profile was being reviewed by the child advocate. If she gave the go-ahead, we'd be able to schedule a visit. I was hoping she was a quick reader, and...she is!

Within an hour, we had heard back that we go the green light to schedule a visit. Given that this is a holiday week (AGAIN), the choices were limited. It came down to Tuesday (today) or Friday. My husband has an end-of-the-year meeting today from 7 - 12, so that would put us there in the late afternoon, and one of the workers was not available then. So we're shooting for a Friday lunch meeting. This will just be a meeting between my husband, myself, the workers, and our son-in-waiting.

While I would have LOVED this to be the day we could meet face-to-face, I'm kind of glad that it has worked out to be Friday. This year has been bumpy, to say the least. Friday is 2009, so it's a great way to start a fresh new year. This also gives us a little more time to think about the kinds of things we'll do to "break the ice" a little. I will certainly bring the scrapbook that I have made for him (it has pictures of us and our home, etc.) And I'll definitely bring a few things for him to do in the very good chance that he will feel uncomfortable, or when the adults are talking (stuff like crayons and paper, coloring book, puzzle, etc.) This will be the first time Eric is meeting a kid at the outset. Usually, I meet them first and then "introduce" them to Eric. So he's a little nervous. But I have every confidence that he'll do a great job.

Anyway, we're praising God for this breakthrough, and praying that these visits will go as smoothly as possible. We'll pray that God will provide us with the right words and ideas to make the situation as comfortable as could be expected (it's always a little awkward), and we'll just continue to go from there. Stay tuned for updates over the weekend!

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