Friday, December 19, 2008


The caseworker is back from leave! She got back on Wednesday. I talked to her several times yesterday. She's supposed to come up to do a home study this afternoon, though I'm not sure she still will, because of the ice and the snow. After that, we should be able to go to meet our new son very soon. We're then going to have weekly visits there until he's comfortable enough to come to visits here. So it shouldn't be too terribly long until he's home for real. YIPPEE!

Both Cameron and I have a snow day today. I was kind of counting on it. I have a little more cleaning to do, in case the caseworker does come. I want to finish re-painting the name blocks (I had painted Cameron's blue and the others tan, but want them all to be blue now). We hung them last night in their bedroom. I also moved my dresser in there, so they will each have one. I will get some drawers for the walk-in closet, and will do without an official dresser. No big deal there.

I made a coffee cake and am trying to put off giving Cameron his medicine until later in the morning. He's watching cartoons right now - a rare treat. After breakfast, I'll take my shower and then we will likely do some "work" together. Cameron does pretty well when I work with him one-on-one with workbooks and stuff. I can go into "teacher mode" and my patience with him also increases. I'll give myself some video game breaks (as in - let Cameron play video games) throughout the day. I think we'll be fine.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that things are moving forward. Our new addition is officially off the adoption photolisting, as he is now "spoken for." Reviewing his paperwork has certainly sobered us to the task that lies ahead. It will likely take a great deal of adjustment, testing, etc. before he feels like part of our family and we can get into a better routine. But it does look like he will benefit from a family that advocates on his behalf and refuses to take "no" for an answer--whether from him or from others ;)

Merry Early Christmas!

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Lora said...

a VERY merry early Christmas! this is great news!