Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So, yesterday Kani was accidentally sent home on the bus when he was supposed to stay for math. I ended up having to collect him at the middle school, since I was not at the bus stop when they brought him home (Kindergarten policy). Apparently, Kani thought he missed Arts and Crafts (for who knows what reason). He said, "Darn it! I missed Arts & Crafts. Darn it!" It's not the first time he's used this phrase, but it still makes me chuckle (inside only, of course).

When we came home Kani wanted to work on making hearts. He's been big into tracing his cardboard pattern (half-heart) and cutting it out. But he hasn't quite mastered the concept of folding the paper and lining up the pattern on the edge just yet. So yesterday he messed up twice, and said, "Oh no! I'm not a good artist!" It was too cute. Wish I could have recorded that one. He even produced real tears!

Another cute thing we've discovered is how Kani uses "dot com" as a verb. He uses it to refer to something he wants to see on the computer. Example, "Can you dot com that video of the singing church?" (the church where he's starting to participate in mime). Cute!

Finally, this was a couple days ago. I RSVP'd to a birthday party that Kani was invited to on Saturday. I asked the Mom what the young girl liked, so we'd have an idea of what to take her. Kani was patiently listening at my side. When I hung up he asked, "What kinds of things does he like?" I explained that his friend was actually a "she" and that she likes girlie things and has her ears pierced, etc. He started to cry. "It's a GIRL party?" I guess I assumed since he knew the girl's name, he would know it was a girl. Guess not. I comforted him and assured him that I think he'll still have a good time at the party and that other boys will be there.

Such drama!

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Lora said...

that is ridiculously adorable!
i love the "dotcoming"!

also, we are struggling a bit with Jake and "swear words". He freaks if anything, no matter how mild, comes out of your mouth. And just try saying "suck" and "Jesus" in front of him in any context without getting yelled at.
I don't know how to teach him that some good words can sometimes be bad words but bad words can't ever be good words.